[antlr-interest] The idea of semantic analyzer generator

GreyAx greyax at mail.ru
Tue Nov 10 12:27:48 PST 2009

I'm looking for topics to investigate in part of my master thesis. I'm interesting in verification, static code analysis and so on.
I have an idea, which I want to implement and integrate with ANTLR, please give me any feedback about it.

I'd started work with ANTLR till some time ago and my colleagues use it sometimes (to create DSL). And as I see, there is some unsolved problems in ANTLR. And IMHO the one of the most important is that user have to write semantic analyzer by hand (of course he or she could and should use tree grammars for doing it and could implement custom actions for checking some semantic rules, but in fact the semantic within such approach is only a code written in some ordinary programming language (C\C#\Java\...).  I wonder would it be useful for user to use semantic analyzer generation module within ANLTR? I think it could be implemented as a new grammar language for describing semantic rules or something like that. Could somebody point out to such things? Are there any semantic analyzer generators? And if there isn't any, is such thing looks not very useful for practical using?

Thank you

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