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Claude Moulin claude.moulin at hds.utc.fr
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Hello Jim,

The bug is very strange and I made many tests in order to identify the

It is due to comments inserted in scope declarations. Sometimes they are
accepted; in other cases no. It is impossible for me to know why.

When there is a problem, lines like: // $myscope::varname = 0; also give
an error even if they are comments.

I cancelled all the comments in scope declarations and it works
perfectly well.




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Do you have a small(ish) reproducible example?




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I get a strange error using global scope. I use antlr 3.2.

In a tree grammar I define a global scope << pilep >> with several
attributes including one called binit.

I get several  times strange error messages like: 

unknown dynamically-scoped attribute for scope pilep: binit

It seems that sometimes antlr doesn't succeed to translate $pilep::binit
into ((pilep_scope)pilep_stack.peek()).binit 

As it does with other scope attributes.

I don't understand the reason.

Any idea ?




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