[antlr-interest] [C Target] Bug in AST walking , implementing control flow

Mohamed Yousef harrrrpo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 08:12:52 PDT 2009

This was firstly sent to jim only by accident ,, sorry

>  It probably is a bug I am afraid. 3.2.1 will be a ‘catch up’ release to
> ensure that everything works in C. You can make calls to LT() directly and
> so on though.
so i could for now - till 3.2.1 - use something like

    :   ^('if' c=expr s=. e=.)

//do whatever with return values or custom nodes in e&s
will this work even if s had children (e will be next 'stat' not just a
certain child of s ) ?

>  For index and related properties you should use the method calls rather
> than the fields directly, but if you know you will never override the
> structure types then you only have to worry if I change the names of the
> fields. This is not likely, but I don’t guarantee not to do it.
what method do you mean ? , i couldn't find any methods in pANTLR3_BASE_TREE
that returns the index of the tree root

> Nodes are valid between tree walks and rewrites so long as you do not free
> the node streams until you are completely done. You can dup a node outside
> the factory and then it will persist, but you need to free the memory.

the syntax i use for carrying out 3 consecutive walks is something like

// filtered initial walk , on certain portions of tree
treePsr1    = yatgWalkerNew(nodes);

// walk 2 based on indices from 1
treePsr2    = yatgWalkerNew(nodes);

// walk 3 by the same walker of 2 , utilizing indices from it walk 2 & 1
treePsr2    = yatgWalkerNew(nodes);

so ,  indices across these walks should be valid ?

Mohamed Yousef
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