[antlr-interest] antlr

Luca Ceppelli luca at ceppelli.com
Thu Feb 4 07:14:17 PST 2010

Hi all

For me Antlr is a new technology and in this days I'm trying to become familiar with it.

From a model which contains the definition of multiple object I'm trying to generate java bean files.
Until now I was able to define a simple grammar, parser it and with StringTemplate print the
text that represents the code of the multiple generated classes.

Now I need to create the real java files but I'm confuse which strategy I need to use. 
Should I extract from the big string (that StringTemplate has generated and contains all the classes) the text fragment of each class
and write it on the filesystem or there is another way to do this job, maybe directly from the grammar?
Has Antlr/StringTemplate a built-in support for writing to file?

Thanks in advance

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