[antlr-interest] Parser generation takes hours

Jean-Pierre LAMBERT jp.raven at worldonline.fr
Tue Jan 5 06:52:10 PST 2010

Hello everybody,

I'm currently rewriting a LR parser to be used for ANTLR. As a result, 
ANTLR works literaly for hours before it outputs errors about my grammar.

My work is not finished; I have removed all left-recursions but I still 
have to do left-factorisations. The problem being that since ANTLR works 
for hours before I get the errors, it isn't very practical for me to fix 
the grammar.

Do you have any suggestions in this case? What could be done so that 
ANTLR would take only dozen of minutes? Is there something capital that 
I missed about ANTLR and LL grammars? How should be written ANTLR rules 
to avoid such a problem?

Thanks in advance, any adice will be welcome.


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