[antlr-interest] Parser generation takes hours

Jean-Pierre LAMBERT jp.raven at worldonline.fr
Wed Jan 6 03:44:35 PST 2010

I'm using command-line.

The last time I used these options but they do not seem to change 
anything : -report  -Xmultithreaded -verbose

Originally I did not use any of these options. I was just experimenting, 
I should remove them by now.

Le 05/01/2010 18:22, Terence Parr a écrit :
> very strange. antlr has a fail-safe so it cannot do that.  what command
> line options do you use? command line or ANTLWorks?
> Ter
> On Jan 5, 2010, at 6:52 AM, Jean-Pierre LAMBERT wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I'm currently rewriting a LR parser to be used for ANTLR. As a result,
>> ANTLR works literaly for hours before it outputs errors about my grammar.
>> My work is not finished; I have removed all left-recursions but I still
>> have to do left-factorisations. The problem being that since ANTLR works
>> for hours before I get the errors, it isn't very practical for me to fix
>> the grammar.
>> Do you have any suggestions in this case? What could be done so that
>> ANTLR would take only dozen of minutes? Is there something capital that
>> I missed about ANTLR and LL grammars? How should be written ANTLR rules
>> to avoid such a problem?
>> Thanks in advance, any adice will be welcome.
>> JP
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