[antlr-interest] printed finally: Language implementation patterns

J. Stephen Riley Silber jsrs701 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 18:42:20 PST 2010

Here's how my evening went:

	1. Finish up work stuff at the office.
	2. Check ANTLR email--oh look!  An exhortation to write an Amazon review!
	3. Write Amazon review.  (I can't remember, is one star good or bad?)

	4. Go home and check snail mail.
	5. Do a happy dance, since there's the book!And it looks glorious!  (Though it feels so familiar... :-)

Congrats, Ter, it looks great!  And I love having it in dead tree format, too!

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Subject: [antlr-interest] printed finally: Language implementation patterns


Just to let you know that Language implementation patterns is now available as a physically printed book. hooray!  If you would like to put up a review at Amazon (whatever your honest opinion is, good or bad), here's the link:


Apparently it's important to have a lot of different reviews/comments in terms of marketing.


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