[antlr-interest] Using paraphrase option when using the C target in ANTLR

Gavin Lambert antlr at mirality.co.nz
Thu Jan 7 12:36:16 PST 2010

At 19:09 7/01/2010, Heiko Folkerts wrote:
 >I am currently trying to improve the quality of our error 
 >generated bvy our ANTLR generated parser. Since our error 
 >are generally in german I'd like to take advance of the 
 >option for rules and tokens to assign a clear name to those 
 >Unfortunately I get errors from ANTLR when using the following
 >token definition:
 >options { paraphrase="Zeichenkette";}
 >: ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z' | '0'..'9' | '/' | '-' | '\u00c0' ..
 >'\u00d6' | '\u00d8' .. '\u00fc')+;
 >ANTLR reports: "unexpected token "Zeichenkette"
 >So can't I use paraphrases in the C target? I am using antlr3.2. 

The paraphrase option is a v2 option; there is no equivalent in 
v3.  If you want to change the text of the error messages then you 
will need to alter the exception text yourself, using the error 
reporting hooks (see the wiki).

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