[antlr-interest] ANTLR Errors on Line Zero

Zachary Palmer zep_mailinglist at bahj.com
Mon Jan 11 16:46:13 PST 2010

Hello, all.  I have what I expected to be a fairly common problem but 
couldn't find a FAQ or Google result that addressed it.  Most of the 
errors coming out of my grammar appear to be for line number zero.  For 

[antlr:antlr3] error(117): .../compiler/grammar/Bsj.g:0:0: missing 
attribute access on rule scope: primary

The "..." was my own edit to eliminate a very long path.  Can anyone 
recommend how I can get line numbers for these errors?  They become very 
difficult to track down after a while.  I have gotten some errors with 
line numbers from various positions in my file; I'm unable to discern a 
pattern.  Any suggestions?

Thanks much!


Zachary Palmer

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