[antlr-interest] antlr3-maven-plugin (v3.2): "error(7): cannot find or open file: null/MyGrammar.g"

Antonio Petrelli antonio.petrelli at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 12:42:10 PST 2010

Just right now I noticed that I did not answer to the mailing list but
directly to the poster, sorry :-)

2010/1/10 Michael Guyver <michael.guyver at gmail.com>:
> I had formerly been using the codehaus 1.0 release and been setting
> the output directory to
> target/generated-sources/antlr/my/full/package/path/ so that the
> generated files arrived in the right place. Happily the new plugin
> does this for you so simply moving the grammar to
> src/main/antlr3/my/full/package/path/MyGrammar.g
> solved the problem and meant I didn't have to specify the output
> directory either \:D/

It does not work wit Java.g, the package is still the default!
This is definitely a double bug I think.
I would file a bug myself, but I can for a strange policy (never seen
anywhere else!) that Antlr team have about bugs.

Thanks anyway

P.S. Luckily I noticed that I don't need Antlr anymore, thanks to the
Compiler Tree API of JDK 6, so, well, who cares :-D

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