[antlr-interest] parsing boolean expressions: not not or abc

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Thu Jan 14 01:10:24 PST 2010


I am trying to build a grammar which accepts boolean expressions for filtering. I found some interesting articles on the web, but now I got stuck.
I try to parse something like this:

  not not or abc

The first "not" is the boolean operator and the second is a text.

Or even worse

  not not and not or and not and

My grammar look like this:

grammar TextFilterGrammar;
options {
content :	orexpression
	:	andexpression (OR^ andexpression)*
	:	expression (AND^ expression)*
	:	(NOT^)? term
term 	:	WORD

NOT 	:	'not'
AND 	:	'and'
OR 	:	'or'
WORD	:	('a'..'z' | '0'..'9' | '%' | '_')+
WS 	:	(' ' | '\r' | '\n' | '\t')  { skip(); }

In ANTLRWorks I always get a MismatchedTokenException when trying to parse "not not or ljsdf". Parsing e.g. "not noti or ljsdf" works fine.

I managed to get it working with quotation marks, but I would prefer to have a solution without.

Best regards,

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