[antlr-interest] java.g does not compile

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Thu Jan 21 06:40:58 PST 2010

You are probably right on the limit of the default 10000, or perhaps you are not compiling the exact original? Try the on in the examples zip and see if there are any differences. However, Xeon's are not as fast as you think on a single thread which is what the analysis phase runs on by default.


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> On 01/20/2010 07:31 PM, Jim Idle wrote:
> > Souds like your machine is pretty slow and the conversion timeout
> default is therefore not engouh.
> >
> > Use the -Xconversiontimeout 30000 option to increase the elapsed time
> it will spend on it.
> Thank you, that worked.
> However, this is a fast machine: a four-core Nehalem-based Xeon system.
> There are faster machines available, but not many.  :-)
> Andrew.

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