[antlr-interest] How to debug under the router

sunao furukawa sadie at kind.ocn.ne.jp
Mon Jun 14 19:12:44 PDT 2010


I am Japanese and use Windows Vista Home Basic.
Sorry,I understand English a little.
I edited both MaxUserPort registry and TcpTimedWaitDelay registry.
I use router to access the internet.
When I debug a tree grammar by antlrworks 1.3 ,I am in trouble with Errors:
org.antlr.runtime.debug.RemoteDebugEventSocketListener$ProxyToken cannot be 
cast to org.antlr.works.debugger.tree.DBTreeToken
Please,Teach how to remove error by using antlrworks 1.3 under a router.
By the way,because I edited registry,I can use port 49153.
Source code is http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/tpantlr : 
code/tour/trees ,code generated by antlrworks(with -debug).

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