[antlr-interest] Runtime Library of v 3.2 for C#

Sam Harwell sharwell at pixelminegames.com
Wed Jun 23 08:18:35 PDT 2010

The CSharp3 target should support the ANTLR 3.2 features. There are a few
known issues, such as the fact that the method generated for the bottomUp
and topDown rules doesn't match the name expected by the current CSharp3
runtime (BottomUp and TopDown), so you have to manually override the
BottomUp and TopDown methods to call bottomUp and topDown instead.

To use the CSharp3 target, you'll need to generate your grammar using the C#
port of the ANTLR tool (Antlr3.exe). The binaries for the tool and the
CSharp3 runtime can be found here:


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Johannes Luber, maintainer of the CSharp2 target, wrote in December 2009:

I'm working on the 3.2 release. The major issue I'm tackling is to make the
APIs of CSharp2 and CSharp3 source compatible and I have to coordinate this
with the other maintainer. I'll release a beta once I've finished this.

I don't know if it is viable to just pull the sources and compile it
yourself. I have not yet tried that. If the changes were trivial, I expect
it would have been in beta stage already. Until that time, I will try and
keep my patience...

Best regards,

Ranco Marcus

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> Hello,
> I am sorry if I repeat this question. I have checked the history of 
> mail list to find out current situation of C# library for v 3.2 
> Currently I use Java for the implementation of my grammar because when 
> I apply theorems(DeMorgan, Distribution etc) on the tree, BottomUp
function is called to apply them.
> However in C# v.3.1.3 there is no support and I guess I need version 
> 3.2 library.
> I read that version 3.2 for C# can be found in repository. Is that 
> true? I just wanted to confirm that. I assume that to use BottomUp 
> function, it is necessary to have TreeFilter class. If I cant use C# v 
> 3.2 library yet and I have to implement my own TreeFilter class which 
> has BottomUp function, which files in C# version 3.1.3 source code I 
> should make changes?Is it too complex to implement just bottomup 
> function manually? If it is, is there any implementation of C# v 3.2
runtime dlls on the Net for Antlr?
> BEst regards
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