[antlr-interest] Factorization of Logic Expressions

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Thu Mar 18 16:00:35 PDT 2010

Hello Ron,

The thing is output file will be a text file and limited to 2KB. They want to put max. amount of input data in the string and do not want to waste byte to save the original expression. For ex, one user draws a(b+c), then draws d(e+f) and so on on different projects and would like to save all the output string which is in DNF form such as "diagram1=ab+ac#diagram2=de+df..." I asked them what is the matter if I save the original string as well so no need for factorization. but if I do that, amount of data will be increased and they do not want it. 
The purpose of this project is when a user creates the output string, it will be saved on the electronic control unit of an hardware. Let's say I make an electronic circuit in the program, load the output to control unit as the string form. after 1 year, the robot which uses this electronic hardware broken and a technician would like to check the electronic circuit structure of this robot to understand the problem. S/he will read the string back and want to see the diagram. But showing the DNF version is not a good solution because it will be complex to visualize and understand the diagram. That's is why a simplification/factorization is necessary. I suggested them to save original diagram and output string in an xml file, save it somewhere for future usage, but they dont want to offer space/system for this because there are hundreds of new electronic circuit diagrams produced everyday and if they save all these, things get messed up in future.
I assume that input will be in DNF always because it will be actually produced by the same program so if input is not in DNF form, then it means it is either changed or not a standard one.

I apologize for spamming to the group. I hope I dont disturb other users with these emails.
Thanks to all 

> Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 14:45:32 -0700
> From: ronburk at gmail.com
> To: antlr-interest at antlr.org
> Subject: Re: [antlr-interest] Factorization of Logic Expressions
> Possibly what has many of us scratching our heads is:
> a) What the purpose of all this might actually be
> b) What project could actually not be able to spare enough
>    bytes to store the original version.
> > However these steps make me confused, working with
> > matrices, creating submatrices, make changes on them
> What makes me confused is why you're assuming these
> steps help at all -- for example, is it somehow known in
> advance that the input never happens to be in DNF in
> the first place?
> But probably at this point, all the interesting answers lie
> in the metaquestions of: what are they actually trying to
> accomplish overall and why?
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