[antlr-interest] Problems compiling with C target with example

DR JAYMAHDI dr.jaymahdi at gmail.com
Tue May 11 11:58:29 PDT 2010


I am currently having some problems compiling the C target example based on
this famous link:
which I found very useful. I have some problems however, trying to
properly compile this using g++ since the targeted C code will be used for
my C++ development.

I basically copied/pasted the code (as verbatim) from that webpage into the
Antlrworks 3.2 (just released today). The C runtime library file I used is:
libantlr3c-3.2.tar.gz. I followed the instructions listed here (
http://www.antlr.org/api/C/build.html) and did a ./configure --enable-64bit
since I am using a 64bit OS. I generated the parser files from the
Antlrworks, as expected. I did a compile gcc *.c -lantlr3c -o parser_example
which produced no errors.

However, as I tried ./parser_example, it gave me the message "error while
loading shared libraries: libantlr3c.so: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory". I was able to locate the libantlr3c.so which was in
my /usr/local/lib directory. So I created a symbolic link using sudo ln -s
/usr/local/lib libantlr3c.so into my /usr/lib directory. Problem slightly
solved but now I have a segmentation fault everytime I run ./parser_example

I did not modify the generated parser files in anyway to cause this problem.
So I am not sure why it is accessing the wrong memory address location.

So if someone could please help me with this (hopefully simple?) problem,
it'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced,


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