[antlr-interest] gUnit and unicode characters

Stanislas Rusinsky rusinskystanislas at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 20 08:04:02 PDT 2010


I'm trying to get gUnit to grok unicode chars, but can't find doc about it and 
failed since now:

"\u0012" OK
"\\u0012" OK
<<\u0012>> OK
<<\\u0012>> OK

     [java] test2 (COLUMN_NAMES_END, line16) - 
     [java] expected: OK
     [java] actual: MismatchedTokenException(92!=17)


gUnit takes '\' as a slash (92)  and not as a unicode char, besides using a 
unicode .gunit file, is there a way to test with the "\u0012" notation?




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