[antlr-interest] AntlrWorks Problems

Klaus Martinschitz klausmartinschitz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 01:51:54 PDT 2011


I am new to Antlr and AntlrWorks but I must say that AntlrWorks drives 
me crazy. Perhaps someone can explain a very simple question to me.
I generate a grammar and compile it. I want AntlrWorks to save it in a 
src directory (indeed it is the src directory of a Netbeans project). 
This works. I define the save path in the

Properties-->General-->Output path field.

Now, if I want to debug the files, they have to be compiled. I assume 
AntlWroks to use javac to compile them. This also seems to work. The 
javac path is written to


Then something happens I can not understand. there is a classes 
directory build within my output. It is not very nice that I can not 
specifiy where the class files are generated but OK, this is ugly but 
ok. The problem is, that AntlrWorks seems not to be able to connect to 
the class files. Of, course I have set the classpath custom option


to the classes directory build. I get the errot message

Compiler failed with result code 1

How do you manage generated class objects, perhaps even in Netbeans, if 
you use them?



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