[antlr-interest] urgent help required ...

James Ladd james_ladd at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 26 13:05:39 PST 2011

You are right Bart.

This list is always very quick to respond and very thorough with the responses.
I don't mean to be demanding.

Jim has helped me previously and has offered to help again, so I'll wait to see
how this turns out. Should I post again, Ill be sure to do as you suggest, and
include the rules and errors.

Thanks All.

Rgs, James.

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 18:34:21 +0100
Subject: Re: [antlr-interest] urgent help required ...
From: bkiers at gmail.com
To: james_ladd at hotmail.com
CC: antlr-interest at antlr.org

Hi James,
Can't you explain it here on the list? What input produces "no viable alternative", and what rules are involved?And please drop the ASAP's and URGENT's from your questions: I can't speak for others of course, but I'm pretty sure you won't get any faster responses by doing so, and it sounds a bit demanding.


On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 3:58 AM, James Ladd <james_ladd at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi All,

I need some help.

I have a grammar here https://github.com/redline-smalltalk/redline-smalltalk

and it have done my best but I now have a few edge cases that end with a "no viable alternative"


I don't really know where to start to resolve the errors.

If you would be interested in helping, or if you can help but would require payment please

let me know a.s.a.p - and I'll send you the list of about 5 errors that I need fixed.

This is urgent to me and the community that is using this tool. I have some issues to fix so

as to not hold up further development.

If you are interested please reply here or email james underscore ladd at hotmail dot com.

Rgs, James.

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