[antlr-interest] match parser rule inside every rule (compile time reflections)

Alexander Herz alexander.herz at mytum.de
Fri Jan 7 04:58:34 PST 2011


I'm trying to implement compile time reflections, so inside the language 
(imagine java) there is a preprocessor like language which can access 
static properties of elements defined in the language:


class Test
     int i,j;

         //iterates over all members of Test
         #for_all($m,Test at members)
         //will be evaluated to:

It doesn't make sense to implement this in a preprocessor since the full 
AST is needed to process the #for_all directive.
Therefore, I'd like to implement it in the grammar of the language. Now, 
the problem is that the #for_all (and other related directives) can be 
placed anywhere (outside of classes, etc). So I would need to put the 
rule for #for_all into all the rules inside my grammar which seems ugly 
and cumbersome.

Any ideas how to solve this?


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