[antlr-interest] Protocol message recognition - an amateur grammar question

Alex Lujan alex at apption.com
Wed Jan 12 08:02:11 PST 2011

I am trying Antlr v3 for message recognition, which must comply to a custom
define protocol.

I find myself unable to express the following rule (written in a
non-standard notation):

data: count number{count.value}

What I am expecting to find in the input is a numerical value (which Ive
labeled count), followed by as many numerical values as the value of count.

Examples of valid input:

3 10 12 15
2 6 9

Examples of invalid input:

3 10 12
2 4 5 6

This seems like a trivial message protocol situation, so I'm hoping this is
a solved problem.

Ive gone through The Definitive Antlr Reference, and can't find information
on quantifiers that would help me solve this issue.

Ideas? guidance?

Thanks very much in advance.

Alejandro Lujan

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