[antlr-interest] Why Does Antlr3 Have Less Grammar Options Than Antlr2

Kevin Cherry kcherr1 at tigers.lsu.edu
Wed Jan 12 10:29:59 PST 2011

I have been using Antlr3 and have been very pleased with the power and
flexibility of it. However, I wanted to accomplish some things with it and
after searching through the book and online, I couldn't find any way to get
it to work. I then ran across some grammar options like classHeaderPrefix,
Ignore, and caseSensitivity. These were perfect for what I was trying to do,
but I quickly realized they are only for Antlr2. So I am wondering why these
(and several others) were taken out. I think I saw something about
caseSensitivity being hard to implement with different cultures or
something, however something like classHeaderPrefix I would think would be
simple to implement. Can anyone shed some light on why so many options were
left out and if they will ever come back in v3 or any newer versions?
P.S. This question may have been asked before, however I didn't find any
search feature for the archives (maybe I missed it?) and really didn't want
to check every one manually. If this has been asked before and someone has a
link to the post, then please let me know.

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