[antlr-interest] Patches to fix CSharp2 runtime project and add VS2010 project files

Richard Cook rcook at rprodev.com
Mon Jan 17 10:31:52 PST 2011

Dear All,

I submitted a pull request via the Github repo since I was not aware that it
was read-only. I have attached the patch files corresponding to these two
fixes to this e-mail (as suggested by anatol). These are summarized below:

   - 0001-Added-missing-file-IAstRuleReturnScope-1.cs-into-sou.patch
   Adds missing source file IAstRuleReturnScope`1.cs into CSharp2 project
   (this file is referenced from .csproj files and the interface is consumed
   - 0002-Generated-project-files-for-VS2010-for-CSharp2-runti.patch
   I cloned the VS2008 project files and migrated them to VS2010. This might
   be useful to anybody else who uses this IDE to develop Antlr projects.

 Thanks, Richard Cook.
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