[antlr-interest] Extract all rules/lexems/keywords of a Language.g into XML format?

Ruslan Zasukhin ruslan_zasukhin at valentina-db.com
Fri Jun 10 02:22:42 PDT 2011

On 6/10/11 12:37 AM, "Terence Parr" <parrt at cs.usfca.edu> wrote:

Hi Terence, 

> i have something like this but am not done.

AST of any grammar into XML ?


Just keep in mind please that cTAG and GCC-XML products and their tasks.
I believe ANTLR is a goold-tool to do same -- even better -- even more.

This do not presents in the v4 betas yet?
Any chance on "early access"?  :-)

> v4 will have a syntax highlighting  editor as a standard widget.

Can you explain this in more details?

You mean syntax highlighting editor where?
  in ANTLRworks? 

Or ANTLR will be able produce something what
  any EDITOR app can use later ?

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