[antlr-interest] C# Upgrade Woes

Johannes Luber JALuber at gmx.de
Fri Jun 10 16:12:21 PDT 2011


the Chsarp2 target is currently non-functional for 3.3. Did you try CSharp3 yet?


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> Von: Kevin Carroll
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> Betreff: [antlr-interest] C# Upgrade Woes
> I am attempting to update a set of grammar files for the C# version of ANTLR. The files work correctly with version
> When I attempt to use the same files with version, I get the following error:
> error(100): PrimisScript.g:0:1: syntax error: antlr.print: MismatchedTreeNodeException(33!=2)
> Can anyone point me to where to start looking for the problem based on the above message?
> Thanks,
> Kevin Carroll
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