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srinivasan karthikeyan pitchai srinivasan.karthikeyan.pitchai at oracle.com
Sat Jun 11 09:53:54 PDT 2011

Thanks for sharing your input.  I am able to do some pretty complex AST 
manipulation as stated initially.  First results are very encouraging,  
I am getting an end to end translation successfully.


On 6/11/2011 7:31 PM, Trevor John Thompson wrote:
> The short answer is "yes", you can manipulate the tree (before walking, not during).
> I am using tree adapter manipulations to reorganize the AST, and then handing the tree to the standard tree walker.
> The only caution is that TreeIterator depends on parent pointers. I am contemplating a version that does not have this dependency, so i can base my trees on BaseTree, rather than CommonTree.
> On 2011 Jun 11, at 00:53, srinivasan karthikeyan pitchai wrote:
>> Hi Gurus,
>> I'm a novice using ANTLR for a development project.  I am at a stage
>> where I need to rewrite AST so that the transformed AST renders itself
>> more easy for me to walk and emit the translation that I need.  In this
>> context I've a concept question.
>> In general,  can I use the *same*  tree adapter,  used by the
>> InputNodeStream used by the walker,  in a java method that I code to
>> restructure the tree without using the rewrite rule?  That is can I add,
>> delete, replace nodes at will in the source tree?  I am looking at this
>> option as I need to move up a subtree from deep down to a much higher
>> level.   In particular would manipulating the source tree mess up the
>> iterator used by the ANTLR AST walker  to parse the tree?
>> (eg)  Just want to know if I can effect this in JAVA.   I am sure we can
>> make it happen using rewrite rule.  However I want to conceptually know
>> if what I desire above is a feasibility or it it a totally wrong approach.
>> ^(ROOT a  b ^(ROOT c d  ^(ROOT e f g)))
>> I need to restructure the tree like, say,
>> ^(ROOT a  b ^(ROOT c d ) ^(ROOT e f g))
>> Based on your input I need to chalk the future course of my coding.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Regards,
>> Vasan
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