[antlr-interest] object oriented compiler implementation

Edwards, Waverly Waverly.Edwards at genesys.com
Mon Jun 13 06:52:05 PDT 2011

I've been having a hard time distinguishing what should be part of the runtime and what it solely part of the language.
Because that is all that I've been taught, I've been working on what the language should look and feel like.  I haven't had to think about the runtime.   I'll sleep easier once I can draw a line and start separating the two.

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On 10/06/2011 23:43, Edwards, Waverly wrote:
> This is not directly ANTLR related but have any of you come across a
> guide, tutorial or book (preferably) for implementing an compiler for
> an object oriented language.  I don't mean the compiler is created
> using an object oriented languages, though that would be good.  I
> mean what goes into implementing subclassing, method overriding,
> hybrid language type safety such as objective-c (static and dynamic
> type) enforcement.  Also things like implementing exceptions and
> polymorphic variables.  I've used them in languages but I haven't
> read how you might go about go about implementing them.  I have a few
> compiler books but interestingly enough, they all deal with
> procedural languages like C or Pascal.  None of them talk about the
> innards of making compilers for object oriented languages.  I do own
> "Language Implementation Patterns", which helped me understand scopes
> for object languages. I'm hoping to start with a book that lets you
> know what to do, what not to do and why you don't want to do it that
> way.  I'd like to start with making fresh mistakes versus ones that
> have been made over and over again.
Smalltalk is often used as a teaching language for OO implementation...
there ought to be some literature out there. However, when I studied it
(which I remember barely) it was all about the runtime and VMing, rather
than compilation


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