[antlr-interest] Question: ANTLR and LLVM ... + Clang

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On 6/18/11 7:26 PM, "Douglas Godfrey" <douglasgodfrey at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Douglas, 

> The SemanticDesigns C++ frontend, like all of their frontend(s) is intended
> for code analysis and transformation, not compiling.
> Semantic Designs' tools are based on the old Reasoning Systems Inc.
> tools: Refine and Intervista.
> Semantic Designs' tools parse a source language into an Symbol Table and AST
> with more features than the Antlr AST.

> The tools then take the Symbol Table and AST and either do
> code analysis or reverse compile
> the AST into new source code in the same or a different language.
> The tools no not interface with a compiler backend or machine code generator.

I see. 


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