[antlr-interest] test release of antlr 3.4

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Sun Jun 19 15:27:07 PDT 2011

Hi, I'm hoping to release 3.4 this week but a number of things have changed and so it would be great if people could try out these releases with their grammars. Most important change is that the tool itself no longer uses ANTLR v2 or ST 3.2.1, which also used ANTLR v2. The tool itself is now completely BSD clean, which makes a big difference because it can be included in eclipse projects such as xtext.  Important caveat here: the tool should be backward compatible with 3.3 so, if you use templates as part of your grammars, they will still use StringTemplate 3.2.1. For example, this method is still the same in generated parsers:

// StringTemplateGroup is a ST 3.2.1 class not ST v4
public void setTemplateLib(StringTemplateGroup templateLib) {
  this.templateLib = templateLib;

The other thing is that the C target has not been tested at all really. If someone could report back on how it works, that would be great ( including the debugging socket protocol to ANTLRWorks).

The two files you can download for testing are as follows:

	antlr tool (uses ST 4.0.2)
	gunit (references ST 3.2.1 classes)
	ST 3.2.1 (references ANTLR v2 classes)
	antlr 2.7.7 (needed by ST 3.2.1)
	ST 4.0.2 (uses only ANTLR 3.4)

So, in summary, antlr-3.4-complete.jar is one jar file bigger to include ST 4.0.2. (Actually when we release, I'm hoping that ST 4.0.3 will be done).

For those that need to be squeaky clean BSD, the following jar file contains just the ANTLR tool itself and depended ST v4:

	antlr tool (uses ST 4.0.2)
	gunit (references ST 3.2.1 classes)
	ST 4.0.2

If you don't use StringTemplate in your grammars then antlr-3.4.jar is all you need. Nothing in that jar has anything to do with the unclean v2 stuff.

A big thanks goes to Sam Harwell who converted all of the tool grammars to v3 from v2! A big nasty job.


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