[antlr-interest] test release of antlr 3.4

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Mon Jun 20 03:55:35 PDT 2011


> The other thing is that the C target has not been tested at all
> really. If someone could report back on how it works, that would be
> great ( including the debugging socket protocol to ANTLRWorks).

I gave it a very quick try on my grammars (written for 3.2) and it
doesn't look good :/ I've been following the list for some time but I
can't remember what, if any, adaptations are needed for 3.4, so I'll
check back on that (pointers appreciated if you have some handy).

Where can I find the C runtime for 3.4? The download directory still has
an old 3.3 snapshot.

Right now the code generated by antlr is incomplete; generated C files
are much shorter than those generated by 3.2 and actions are missing
entirely in my AST grammar.

Quick comparison, line counts:
                ANTLR 3.2    ANTLR 3.4
DAAP2SQL.c        927          585
DAAPLexer.c       1092         934
DAAPParser.c      1014         901

A showstopper for C code is that -depends is broken; the only output is:

There also seems to be an issue wrt locale settings; unless running with
LC_ALL=C, antlr bails out on me looking for

Cosmetic issue, but still, -version returns:
 ANTLR Parser Generator  Version ${project.version} ${buildNumber}


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