[antlr-interest] C++ grammar, troubleshooting mutually left recursive rules

Ludwig Maes ludwig.maes at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 18:06:27 PDT 2012

The grammar in attachment contains the following 3 rules which are
supposedly mutually left recursive:

decl_specifier_seq	: decl_specifier attribute_specifier_seq? // C++0x:
			| decl_specifier decl_specifier_seq // C++0x:

type_specifier_seq	: type_specifier attribute_specifier_seq? // C++0x:
			| type_specifier type_specifier_seq

trailing_type_specifier_seq	: trailing_type_specifier
attribute_specifier_seq? // C++0x:
				| trailing_type_specifier trailing_type_specifier_seq // C++0x:

However I fail to find the mutual left-recursion ( have been
navigating through usages and trying to find how one of these three
can call one of the other two but failed to find such a path). I
believe it is something about the way they are defined, since all 3
share the same structure... what am I doing wrong?
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