[antlr-interest] Problem with Tree Grammar

Nicholas Alexander NickAl at discovery.co.za
Fri Apr 13 05:43:56 PDT 2012

Hi i'm building a tree grammar for my AST

I have 2 rules

if_statement :
      ^(IF expression ^(THEN statement+) elsif_statement+ ^(ELSE statement+))

elsif_statement :
       ^(ELSIF expression statement+)

This seems to be a problem although I can construct the AST using this

if_statement :
        IF ifexpr=expression THEN ( thenstats+=statement SEMI )+
        ( ELSIF elseifexpr=expression THEN ( elseifstats+=statement SEMI )+ )*
        ( ELSE ( elsestats+=statement SEMI )+ )?
        END IF
        -> ^(IF $ifexpr ^(THEN $thenstats+)  ^(ELSIF $elseifexpr $elseifstats*)* ^(ELSE $elsestats*)?)

Which works fine.
Does anyone have any ideas how to address this?


Nick Alexander

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