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Costa Basil costa_basil at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 23 09:43:20 PDT 2012

I have a tree grammar which I use to compile formulas (additions, subtractions, relational expressions etc). I want to use the same grammar to translate the formulas in another language. I don't want to maintain two grammars, so I thought I will create an interface that would handle my grammar actions (i.e. the interface would have methods for each action - one for binary operations, one for handling strings etc). If I want to compile formulas I hand the parser one implementation of the interface, if I want to translate formulas I hand the parser another implementation. 

The problem is that when I compile formulas, the non-terminal attribute type that I am using for expressions is a custom type T1, while for the other case is T2. So, I was thinking of parameterizing the parser with a parameter type T. When I want to compile formulas I instantiate the parser with T1, when I want to translate the formulas I instantiate the parser with type T2.

Hence my question, whether I can customize the generation of the parser to specify my own parameter type T, so I can declare attributes of type T.


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The CSharp2 and CSharp3 targets always generate generic classes. I've even
managed to get the CSharp3 target to generate a parser that used a value
type (struct in C#) for the token type without any boxing/unboxing involved.

I'll need more details about what you're trying to do to be more specific.

Sam Harwell
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Using the cshap3 target, is it possible to generate a parametrized c# parser
class? Something like:

public class MyParser<T> and so on.

I also want to have some non-terminal attributes of type T.


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