[antlr-interest] Suggestion for StringTemplate

Costa Basil costa_basil at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 24 12:38:59 PDT 2012

Add a way of setting the template argument values in one shot using a collection. Currently, I have to call the Template.Add method to assign values for each argument. I would like to use something like this:

public Template Add(object[] values)

where the method will assign each value in the array to the argument on the corresponding position.

I currently use StringTemplate 4 (C#) to translate functions from one language to another. Each function in the source language is mapped to a template name. The argument values are stored in lists and assigning the values to the template arguments becomes a bit of a pain. 

Also it would be nice to add a function at(args, index) along with first, rest, last and the others.


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