[antlr-interest] Rewriting questions

pnicklas at freenet.de pnicklas at freenet.de
Thu Apr 26 02:49:49 PDT 2012

I want to write a code rewriter, but I don't know how to realize the following pseudocode:
string[] list = {"int", "float"};
foreach(string newtype in list){
 //rewriting rule
 if(predefined_type != newtype)
 predefined_type -> newtype;
 // action: create the new TokenString
 // use the original tokens to go on
1. The first problem is, that I don't want to write a grammar for every type I want to insert. Can I use a list/array/multi-value type for that?
2. I don't want to replace all occurrencies of the type, only the first, the second etc. in the file. Can I execute an action (save the token strings) right after the rewrite and set the tokens back after that?
3. Can I insert some conditions in the rule, like exluding the actual type?
Do you have any better ideas to realize that?
(Sry for my newbie questions, I couldn't find it in the docs.)
Thank you.

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