[antlr-interest] Unicode Character Classes available

Sam Harwell sam at tunnelvisionlabs.com
Thu Aug 16 15:01:50 PDT 2012

I think those could certainly be handy. :) I have a couple grammars which
rely on Unicode letters and/or digits (by class), and they're currently
implemented by "hacking" the internal data structures produced by ANTLR 4 at
runtime using the results of Character.isLetter(c) and/or

Sam Harwell
Owner, Lead Developer

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From: Roger Jack [mailto:rjack at elegancetech.com] 
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Subject: [antlr-interest] Unicode Character Classes available

I have just uploaded a AntlrUnicode.txt file into the Grammar section of the
Antlr website.  The file contains Unicode Character Classes in Antlr lexer
fragment format. Is this useful to anybody? Is there a better way to handle
Unicode Character Classes?


Roger Jack

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