[antlr-interest] Problem when using scopes in C with ANTLR 3.4

Iron Bug death.iron.bug at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 13:28:31 PST 2012

The bug fix, offered by Gonzague,
( http://antlr.markmail.org/thread/kq766wc2mbzuji2u )
worked for my issue. I just edited the typo in C.stg and now it
generates the right code.
So it may be considered as known bug.

I didn't find any other problems in 3.4 yet, although I have quite large
parsers, generated by ANTLR in C. and I also use them in C++ projects,
compiling as CPP source. I adopt them for C++, using pointers to class
instances in scopes. no problems occured since. just this little bug
that found when I switched to 3.4.

Sincerely, Yana A. Kireyonok

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