[antlr-interest] StringTemplate v4 and C# fails for me at step zero

Sam Harwell sam at tunnelvisionlabs.com
Thu Feb 9 05:25:03 PST 2012

The automatic template feature of ANTLR 3 targets StringTemplate 3. If you
want to use StringTemplate 4 for your output templates, you'll have to
remove "output=template;" and use your own action code to create/render the

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Subject: [antlr-interest] StringTemplate v4 and C# fails for me at step zero

I'm using Antlr3 version

I added a reference to the Antlr4.StringTemplate.dll and set the output
option to "output=template" in my (working) tree grammar. Even though I
hadn't added any template expansions, a quick verifying-compilation failed
because Antlr added the following statements to the source file that it

using Antlr3.ST;
using Antlr3.ST.Language;

which do not refer to the correct namespaces for the DLL that I downloaded
(it should be Antlr4.StringTemplate), and it also has added code like this:

   private StringTemplateGroup _templateGroup = new
StringTemplateGroup("PhaseTwoTemplates", typeof(AngleBracketTemplateLexer)

yet the object browser shows that the DLL contains no such object (it should
be called TemplateGroup).

Does this stuff work under C#, or have I got a corrupted setup somehow?

Thanks for any help!



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