[antlr-interest] Adding a Space Leads to Mismatch

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Thu Feb 9 11:30:28 PST 2012

Don't use 'strings' in your parser, create real tokens and list the
keywords and punctuation in the lexer before the generic rule. Also, it
does not look like you need the spaces, so try skipping them:

LPAREN: '(' ;
KEYWORD: 'keyword';

WS: (' '|'\t')+ { skip(); } ;  // Then remove WS refs in your parser


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> I debugged the Lexer, and it seems that it's predictions for the next
> token always seems to match against ALPHANUMERICSPACE.
> How can I resolve such a prediction error? Even if just pointing me to
> the wiki.
> thanks,
> Quintin Beukes
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