[antlr-interest] ObjectiveC grammar

forumer at smartmobili.com forumer at smartmobili.com
Sat Feb 11 01:48:22 PST 2012


I am new to antlr and for the moment I have started to watch the great 
video tutorials by Scott Stanchfield.
TO start working with antlr I would like to parse objective-c and I 
have downloaded grammar from Cedric Cuche,
however when I try to parse very simple example I got some errors :

//  SimpleCar.h
//  CarClassTest

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface SimpleCar : NSObject {

	NSString* make;
	NSString* model;
	NSNumber* vin;


// set methods
- (void) setVin:   (NSNumber*)newVin;
- (void) setMake:  (NSString*)newMake;
- (void) setModel: (NSString*)newModel;

// convenience method
- (void) setMake: (NSString*)newMake andModel: (NSString*)newModel;

// get methods
- (NSString*) make;
- (NSString*) model;
- (NSNumber*) vin;


Inside eclipse with the antlr plugin installed, interpreter tells me :

Failed predicate exception : line 2:0 rule translation_unit failed: 
{can't deal with predicated yet}?

The project is located here : 

What am I doing wrong ?


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