[antlr-interest] Compiling ANTLR with gcj/classpath

Michael Young young_m_j at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 29 19:53:27 PST 2012

Does anyone have any recent experience compiling a recent version of ANTLR using gcj?  (Everything I found via a web search was quite old.)  Is there documentation on how to do this?

I'm actually looking to compile the generated parser and the required runtime support classes, not the ANTLR tool itself.

What version of Java does the generated code require?
Is there any UI, reflection API usage, or dynamic class loading in the library (or generated code)?

The reason for using the Java version and then compiling it (and linking with other object modules), rather than using another target (such as C) is : a) Java has Unicode support, b) the main development (and, presumably, most users) is done in Java, and there will be more feature support, a larger support community, and less bugs there, and c) by linking with other modules developed in other languages, I can provide a native package, rather than require a JVM on a user's machine and using JNI/CNI (reduced support liabilities).

Longer term, I may be interested in helping with a true C++ (vs. "wrapped C") target, and integrating ICU for Unicode support (assuming the licensing is compatible).  I probably won't be able to contribute much at first (I'm new to ANTLR in general), but I'll probably try to look things over and be a "guinea pig".  In addition to Unicode, my current project requires tree support, which is not yet in the C++ target.

Thanks for any help,

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