[antlr-interest] What does "syntax error: antlr: org.antlr.runtime.EarlyExitException" mean?

Brad Cox bradjcox at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 14:38:32 PDT 2012

I've a more or less working grammar at

I am trying to add actions to it but am stymied by this opaque error with
no usable line #s

[17:21:06] error(100): Grammar.g:10:1: syntax error: antlr:
[17:21:06] error(100): Grammar.g:0:1: syntax error: assign.types:

Focus on the policy rule at the top. Is my use of labels right? Necessary?

AntlrWorks also reports errors concerning undefined SomeType. That's a
placeholder I'll fix once the policy rule works.

Current notion is to avoid ASTs and build OpenSAML types directly in the
grammar, mainly because maintaining children indices across files was
becoming such a PITA. Hoping I can use names this way, not indices, but
suggestions are welcome.

Example of AST approach I'm inclined to abandon is at

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