[antlr-interest] Manually raising recognition error

Mike Lischke mike at lischke-online.de
Wed Jul 25 02:19:31 PDT 2012

Hi list,

similar questions have been asked already, but I couldn't find any answer (neither in MarkMail nor Google). Given a rule like this:

	b (c | d)

I would like to report more precisely if both c and d are missing. Letting the default handling process this I often get errors that don't really address the actual problem. So I tried:

		| d

which works very well, except that now I don't get any error at all and would need to parse the tree to know that there was a missing token. So my wish is to also raise an error in addition.

I guess raising an error is specific to the parser target, so I'd be especially interested in a C target solution.


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