[antlr-interest] Antlr v2 conflict

Mike Lischke mike at lischke-online.de
Wed Jul 25 05:57:32 PDT 2012

Hey Daniela,

> Hi Mike.
> Thanks for your reply. But I can't see how rename the name it would solve the problem.
> Lets say I have the following:
> MyType var;
> This is a valid declaration in Objective-C, where MyType is the type name and var is the variable's name. So, both are identifiers. 
> In the grammar I have:
> declaration: declaration_specifiers declarator
> where declaration_specifiers will be one more more type qualifiers or specifiers and declarator would be in last case a simple identifier.

Where's the conflict you mentioned? An name conflict can happen when you have a rule or token using a name which is also used elsewhere (typical case for Obj-C is 'id', which is used for an identifier rule, but is also a reserved word).


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