[antlr-interest] How I do... ? with lexer only rules.

Felix A.A. felixaa at ono.com
Sat Jul 28 13:39:11 PDT 2012


I'm trying to implement a simple parsing over custom .c files with added


Ex: test.c


// I don't need this in output

int func1(int a, int b);


//I need this.

@parseme int func2(int a, int b);


//and this .


void func3() 


Int a;

//put here where ever 



                                //inside block






I want to use a fuzzy parsing approach on the lexer phase then, on  the
parser rules, rewrite token with TokenRewriteStream and templates.


Well it's a  lexer piece . 



lexer grammar Lexi;


options {filter = true;}


// Pick everything between @parseme and ';' or '{ }'


                :               HEADER .* (';' | BODY )





                :               '@' ('parseme' | 'PARSEME') ;



BODY:   '{' .* '}' ;




The problem is simple for a expert look:

1-      Lexer stop parse when found ';' before to reach the last '}' on  "
@parseme void func3() .. " 

2-      Lexer stop parse when found  inside block right curly.

3-      And surely more cases don't tested yet.



The problem is really obvious. Is the solution too?? I hope soo !! J


Thanks to all and good work!! with ANTLR.



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