[antlr-interest] Pick a ECMAScript grammar - virtual semi colon

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
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For an example if dealing with virtual line endings, download the source
code for the JavaFX compiler and find the parser grammar. I deal with the
same issue (perhaps different conditions for the SEMI being optional) and
you should be able to steal that bit of code.


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Hello all,
First of all thanks to Terence Parr and all contributors for antlr & the
impressive grammar list. It's becoming a major asset for our startup. My
question relates to ECMAScript grammars. I've seen than multiple exists,
and one of the more dreaded aspect of (ECMA|Java)Script parsing is the
"virtual semi colon" problem. I've made my first test with the one
"highlighted", from Chris Lambrou, and I am now looking at the one from
Patrick Hulsmeijer (http://research.xebic.com/es3/) that seems to manage
the "virtual semi colon" problems. My first tests with the "Lambrou"
grammar shown some problems related to whether or not I have the semi

Does anyone on this list has experience with parsing ECMAScript using
antlr (I did some search on the archives, but most posts on this topics
are 2+ years old) ? If yes, with which grammar ?


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