[antlr-interest] "No viable alternative" error

Todd Nine tnine at apigee.com
Sat Mar 24 20:03:51 PDT 2012

Hi guys,
  I've attached my grammer file.  I'm getting the "no viable alternative"
error when parsing.

This statement works.

"select * where a < 5"

This one fails

"select * where a lt 5"

I'm a bit lost as to why, my rule for expression is defined in this way.

//mathmatical equality operations

equalityop :

  property LT<LessThan>^ value

  |property LTE<LessThanEqual>^ value

  |property EQ<Equal>^ value

  |property GT<GreaterThan>^ value

  |property GTE<GreaterThanEqual>^ value


Then LT is this in my tokens

LT : '<' | 'lt';

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  All my operations for equality ops
do it, so I know I've defined something incorrectly in my grammer.


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