[antlr-interest] possible ANTLR logos

Johannes.Lichtenberger Johannes.Lichtenberger at uni-konstanz.de
Wed May 30 15:01:41 PDT 2012

On 05/30/2012 11:58 PM, Bart Kiers wrote:
> That was my though exactly! (black "NTLR" letters in 4B3E)
> Except now the circle in http://antlr.org/download/antlr-black-side.png is
> quite a bit larger than 4B3E (I like is better if it's not that big...).

It's my favourite, too. However I'd change the height of the "A" in the
logo to the height of "NTLR". The circle might be a bit bigger, but only
a bit, I think that would be fine. Furthermore I suppose the logo is a
vector graphic such that it can used in whatever size is needed :-)

kind regards,

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