[antlr-interest] ANTLRWorks 2, can't create new project

Alexander Kostikov alex.kostikov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 14:32:05 PST 2012


I'm trying out ANTLRWorks2 to see how well could it handle running and
debugging of CSharp3 target grammar. ANTLRWorks can't compile CSharp
since it only allows java compilers to be used and I was exploring
what ANTLRWorks2 could offer already.

I fully understand that it is in alpha stage. But from the pieces of
information I found I conclude that:
- to run a grammar you should work inside a project, just opening a
grammar file is not enough
- new project creation worked before
- doesn't look like debugging is supported yet, but grammar running should work

The issue I have is - File/New Project would not let me create a new
project. It shows New Project dialog but all buttons except Cancel are
not working. The version I'm using is v1.0 Preview 14 Released

Alexander Kostikov

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