[antlr-interest] ANTLR4 Pull request: adding a couple of omissions to -depend switch

Stephen Gaito stephen at perceptisys.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 10:05:18 PDT 2012


Many thanks for so swiftly adding the dependency command line switch 

 From the comments in the code (tool/BuildDependencyGenerator.java), I 
see that you have taken the code required for this -depend switch from 

Alas, this code, as is, does not output the dependencies for either the 
-listener or -visitor patterns, nor does it, for a combined grammar, 
output the dependency of TLexer.tokens on T.g.

In good GitHub social coding style, I have made the smallest possible 
alterations to tool/BuildDependencyGenerator.java in my fork of 

I have tested my changes on Foo.g (the simplest grammar in the ANTLR4 book).

After signing the antlr4/contributors.txt file, as per ANTLR3 
development instructions, I have issued a pull request from 
stephengaito/antlr4 to antlr/antlr4, to pull these changes into the main 

I am not sure whether or not you feel that the ANTLR4 code base is ready 
for outside contributions, if it is not yet ready, simply use my commit 
diffs as suggested changes.

As always, many thanks for a wonderful tool.


Stephen Gaito

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